“The assembly today changed the way I look at things. I have contemplated suicide for three years and I just go through depression where I don’t want to talk to anyone. I used to think that the world would be better off without me but then I heard that ‘I can not be replaced’.

I know that there is only one me but I just thought that why would anyone care if I was gone. The assembly today changed me and wearing the bracelet makes me feel stronger I hope one day I can make someone else feel strong like the way the assembly and this bracelet has done for me. Thank you”

High School Student

“This was the best assembly I have ever been to. I really wish that I could have heard it when I was a Sophomore. Sophomore year was really hard for me and maybe I wouldnt have been so lost if I could have heard this message. Thank you!”

High School Senior


Jr. High

“I would like to start off by saying, what you are doing is amazing and that it is such an honor to have heard about your program. When we left the auditorium today, I saw the look on people’s faces and how they looked like they have changed.

I have received numerous emails when I got home from school asking what the website was and where to purchase the bracelets. I was shocked on how effective your assembly was today. When people saw you setting up the equipment this morning, they moaned and said that it was going to be another boring bullying assembly. When they left that room, they had learned that they can do something and that this is no ordinary bullying assembly.

This was an amazing, inspiring, and beautiful program that I give a million thanks to.”

Jr. High Student



“Why the information stuck with me? I don’t exactly have the best family situation and I’ve always seemed to reach out to teachers/coaches. (opened up about suicide & cutting)

I was on a team for my school, my coach was also my teacher. We had talked daily and I had brought up that things were really tough at home….

When I found out we were having an assembly I got nervous….

I told them I wouldn’t be able to sit through the assembly, so I was allowed to be excused to go to the nurse.

Well I sat through the entire assembly, crying, laughing, making memories. I didn’t want it to be over for that hour or so you guys presented.

I felt important, that I mattered……

My coach asked me to meet up later that day in school & he put his fist out into mine & gave me a bracelet that he had asked your husband for.

Together we made a promise that I wasn’t allowed to cut and had to go to him when I was down. I’m still not ready to pass my bracelet along yet but I did buy my mom & dad a bracelet too!

Honestly can’t tell you a single assembly I’ve had that I still remember the topic or anything about it but yours. Your speaking and presentation just drew my in & touched me. I wish I was able to sit though it every year.”

College Student

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