“The students at the school I work at fully embraced the meaning behind the wristbands. What started off with one teacher buying one wristband for each member in his class, then led to an entire school buying wristbands for themselves and their friends. Students made sure to pass them on over the month of October if they saw someone who seemed to be in need of some extra kindness. Parents were sending students with extra money to buy wristbands for people they knew outside of school, and staff members were donating money and telling students to use these donations to then put aside wristbands for people who they felt would be in need of a wristband. It truly has changed the culture of the school in one short month, and the hope is that this small act of kindness will not only spread school wide, but surpass expectations and spread kindness throughout the world.”

Faculty Member

“My students were very impacted by your presentation in a deep, profound way. It really opened a lot of emotions for them, and they felt very comfortable to express these feelings in my class immediately following the assembly. I think the most important aspect of what you do is allowing students to feel like they can express themselves based on the fact that there are other students going through the same things they are.

My students talked about what you presented, they cried, they hugged each other, and we took some time to write in our journals with music playing in the background. What I would like to do is have two or three students write to you and explain their feelings and the impacts you have made upon them. It would not do justice for me to relay this to you, and further, it is not my story to tell. Please accept my deepest gratitude for the gift in have given my students.”

Faculty Member

“You Can NOT Be Replaced is an exceptional school assembly that addresses many important and challenging aspects of teenage life, such as the expression of feelings, general mental health, suicide, bullying, and drug/alcohol use. The program easily captures the attention of students through personal stories, interactive games, and a connection through “Jersey culture”.

Many students have reported that You Can NOT Be Replaced is the best school program that they have viewed during their high school years. A key component of the program is that the students are able to leave with a clear and concrete message through the distribution of wristbands.

You Can NOT Be Replaced has the ability to promote positive school climate, increase acts of kindness among the school community, and improve the chance of students making healthy decisions in their personal lives – all through the simple concept of the irreplaceable value of each individual.”

School Psychologist

“A unique and positive approach to suicide prevention”

Faculty Member

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