Our message and mission are simple:

Know your value.  If your life is valuable, then it just makes sense that those around you are as well. Prevention at its best.

Melissa and Chip

about1The Dayton’s have over 18 years’ experience in marriage, family, and youth organizations. They are the parents of 8 children and have studied extensively; substance use and abuse, grief, crisis, the developing brain and relationship skills.

about2Chip and Melissa feel their expertise comes through navigating the real life experience of raising 8 children ages 5-28. Through story telling filled with honesty and humor they inspire and encourage students to recognize their value and build strong relationships with their families and friends. Melissa and Chip encourage parents by giving simple tools to empower them to be proactive in prevention of all destructive decisions their kids may face.

How We Started

‘Don’t they realize they can NOT be replaced?’

about3Our organization began at the end of a suicide cluster that took place over 4 years in our community. The cluster included 7 students from our local high school. While there were mental health professionals working hard to figure out the crisis, there was a need for community involvement outside the schools. Our organizations focus is prevention, but we are not mental health first aid. We look to reduce the contributing factors that could escalate a situation. We’re upstream prevention, focusing on students before they are in crisis. Our focus is the unique and irreplaceable value of each life and the paradox that we cannot exist without others. A year into our journey schools started asking us to come speak to their students.




Community Building

about4Our talk covers mental health and substance prevention through shifting student’s outlooks. The foundation is relationship strengthening and community building. Strong communication builds trust and is the foundation to noticing students that may be isolating or in crisis. Young people are more likely to reach out for help or notice when someone seems lost and struggling when they are tuned in to those around them. An adult can have the best training and statistics but if they don’t have the students trust they are powerless.

Leaving a Legacy

The goal of a YCNBR presentation is to add value to each of your students, empower leaders to notice fellow classmates and help you reach the ones that might be struggling. Our message for parents is the same. Build trust, evaluate expectations and value your child for who they are, not what they produce.

When teens understand they are irreplaceable, it just makes sense that their peers are as well. By addressing underlying issues that can lead to destructive behavior, reasons for bullying, taking risks, or abusing substances begins to fade. Those struggling with mental health issues are encouraged to keep working on coping and resiliency by focusing on the gift their life is to others. With self-worth intact; relationships improve, teens become forward thinking, choose better friends, value family and embrace a life of purpose.


about5The wristbands are powerful. They themselves do not create the impact. The students are the ones who impact one another when they step out of themselves and reach out to others. They are a great tool to have fun, engage your students and change lives.

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